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Thought: Audio

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Faris Yakob, co-founder of the nomadic creative consultancy Genius Steals and author of Paid Attention, hosts a special three-part podcast series exploring human attention and advertising.


In this episode, Faris turns his attention to how advertising and the media impacts society, and how brands can navigate a complex polarized media environment. Guests include Dr Gwenyth Jackaway, a former media professor at Fordham University, Jared Grant, integrated strategy director at Publicis agency Le Truc, and Sara Tate, ex-CEO of TBWA\London.

Interview with Susie Pettit, 

mindfulness based life coach.

Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway offers simple behavioral strategies for practicing intentional attention in the midst of digital distraction.

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In this podcast episode, we sit down with Digital Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Educator, Gwenyth Jackaway, Ph.D., to discuss how technology has changed parenting tactics over the years, and key steps that co-parents can take today to model and teach healthy digital habits,  ways to navigate different rules in different households,  and how to have non-judgmental conversations with coparent about your kid’s technology use and screen time.

Interview with Angie Weber for

Mom Essentials Podcast

The world of parenting has added a new challenge in the past few decades; technology! It can feel like a constant power struggle trying to enforce boundaries are rules around devices with your kids.


But as my guest, Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, shares in this episode being the “technology police” doesn’t have to be so scary. We cover the importance of finding a balance, how to talk to your kids about how the algorithms work, and what we need to do as parents to be good role models.

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On this episode of the Classroom Matters podcast, host Kristy Houle talks with Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway about the impact of technology on student development and how to model digital wellness for your students. .

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