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Zen Garden


"The education of attention

would be an education par excellence" 

--Willam James

Digital Desk

Digital Wellbeing

Young people today have the challenge of learning in the midst of the tremendous distractions of the digital environment. The ability to pay attention with intention is now a key study skill for the 21st century,  and essential for thriving in the Digital Age. With practical behavioral interventions and mindset shifts, students can learn to develop healthier habits around device use,  improving focus and learning outcomes. 

Academic Support

My years as a college professor showed me the gaps in secondary education. Students get to college often unprepared for the work they encounter.  Having graded thousands of papers and exams I know where students need support.

With training in both the humanities and the social sciences, I offer tutoring to middle and high school students in a range of academic subjects,  provide standardized test preparation, and Application Admissions Essay scaffolding.  Also available for Executive Function Coaching. 

Digital Wellness Education is woven into all academic support services. 

Notebook and Fountain Pen
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Public Speaking

Experienced public speaker, at ease

with groups of all sizes,  in all formats.

       Available to speak on a range of topics,  including:

  • Freedom of Expression in America

  • The History of Book Banning

  • Debates about Hate Speech in the U.S.

  • Teens,  Social Media and Mental Health

  • The Impact of New Communication Technologies

  • Digital Distraction and Digital Wellbeing

  • Media History: from the Alphabet to the Internet

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