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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled

but a spark to be kindled"

For years, this quote hung on the wall above my desk,  serving as my north star, a pedagogical lighthouse to guide me as a young professor.

I truly adore teaching, and I have found that by bringing my own passion to teaching and mentoring I can help inspire it in my students.


This approach earned me a loyal following, and I was honored to be recognized by Fordham University with an award for Outstanding Teacher of the Year. 

Image by Anne Nygård


My most gratifying moments in the classroom are those times when the engagement is palpable, when I can see the ‘lights’ going on in the eyes of my students.


To help kindle that ‘spark’ in young learners it’s key to help them tap into their innate curiosity and guide them to make their own discoveries.


I always begin by connecting with students on an individual basis – to learn what matters to them.  From there, we build a bridge between their passions and the task at hand.  have worked closely with a diverse range of learners at various levels and stages in their development. I love the challenge of helping them connect with their inner motivation – to find a sense of purpose and take ownership of their academic journey.

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